September 5, 2016

100 Day Club

ice-cream-2016Rules for the 100 Consecutive Days of Practice and Listening

1.     For each day of practice and listening, mark the date in a square on
your club chart.  Practice is a session of any length that
results in accomplishing one or more goals.

Listening can be active or passive and include part of your weekly listening assignment.

2.    Every day counts as a possible practice and listening day:
Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

3.     Excused days are:

a.    A recital day
b.   A sick day
c.   A day on the road during vacation when it’s just too
impractical to practice and listen.
4.     Unexcused days are:
a.    A day at home when there was time for practice and listening,
but it didn’t happen.
b. A day visiting family or friends when time for listening and practice
could have been fitted in.
5.  The count returns to zero after an unexcused day.
6.  The count does not increase or return to zero after an
excused day.
7.  The reward for 100 days of practice and listening is an
Invitation to my Ice Cream Social Party and recognition at some student recitals!

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