December 31, 2016

Hand Book

                                                     Mission Statement

Vanessa’s Violin Studio values the whole person.  Vanessa will seek to provide instruction in a manner that values the student’s emotional needs as he or she develops confidence and excellence on the violin or viola.  Vanessa’s Violin Studio is built on the foundational believe that all students are capable of developing their musical talents, given excellent instruction and consistent, nurturing guidance at home. All parents receive information andsupport in achieving these goals.


Calendar Notes

Although I intend to notify you right away if changes have to be made, please check out the calendar once a month either online or in our studio to make sure nothing is missed.  Students are encouraged to participate in many performances from service projects and back ground music to competitions, big stages and even private performances.  Although many opportunities are provided, students are asked to participate in at least one performance per year for greater study, experience and FUN!


January Lessons





February Lessons





March Lessons





April Lessons





May Lessons





June Lessons

Schedule in the studio

Group time changes are in bold. Friday Group Class times are subject to change based on the amount  of students and attendance we have at a given level/age.  Here are the general guidelines for class placement 

3:30-3:45 Ages 3~6. Stay for the next class.  I might dismiss the younger ones ~ 4:00.

3:45-4:30 Book 1

4:30-5:15 Book 2

5:15-6:00 Books 3 & 4

6:00-7:00 Book 5 & up Springs Strings Ensemble by invitation

Dr. Suzuki strongly believed children in books Twinkle through Mozart concertos should all be in the same class as there is so much to learn from each other.  I have the kids in small groups so that your child will get the maximum amount of participation and build friendships with peers! Vanessa’s Violin Studio has a policy of participation in group events. Group lessons an performances are an integral part of my Instruction so please make them a priority!

Here are the Friday class dates at the studio.  Please keep an eye on the calendar – there may be changes later in the year.

Other dates & announcements:

*Summer institutes & camps!  I’ll be plugging these more as we get closer to summer. The Peaks to Plains Suzuki Institute is usually the 3rd week in July – this is an AMAZING musical experience for a great value for the whole family.  Some students are already pre registered! 

Book Graduations

Students are encouraged to have a recital at the end of each volume of the Suzuki Repertoire. This is done both to encourage polishing of the entire book and to celebrate the accomplishment of graduating to the next level. The graduation recital may take place at your home or mine, your church building, a retirement community or the like. Friends and family are invited by the student. *Book 2 and above graduations should be performed with a piano accompanist. This usually requires rehearsing with your accompanist outside of lesson time. 

Lesson Time

Since the lesson schedule is currently full, it is expected that  students will take lessons for the year.  If you need to withdraw from the program, I appreciate the curtesy of a months notice or more.  Withdrawal from the program will be considered permanent unless there are very unusual circumstances such as an extended illness.

Tuition is expected for missed lessons.  Summer lessons are provided for maximum progress!  There are no make-up lessons. If a lesson can be rescheduled at a time that works for both the student and the teacher, this option will be considered, especially with advance notice. Additionally, online lessons are available when the student is on vacation or ill, but “well enough” to take a lesson from home.

Students are invited to longer lesson times for maximum progress based on their age, ability and home practice demonstration.

  Please continue to give me lots of notice if your need to change your lesson time. 6 months is not too early to let me know! 

Day Time Lessons

I have seen really positive results from families who have decided to come for lessons during the school day, even given the coordination it can take with teachers and the school.  Children can be “checked out” of school during electives (non-core classes), lunch time, “study hall” periods (high school ages) and the last 30 minutes of the school day. Some children are more energetic in the earlier hours of the day, and I’ve had parents comment that they feel more rested and attentive themselves during the lesson. I have a letter I can send you to discuss with your child’s teachers if day time lessons would be helpful for you.

      Studio Rules

  1. Play violin on the days you eat!
  2. Listen to fine artists daily including your Suzuki CD’s and appropriate supplement pieces!
  3. Children are to speak with kindness and respect toward parents during the lesson and Parents are to speck with kindness and respect toward their children during the lesson.
  4. Children should ask permission to leave the teaching area during a lesson or group lesson. Emergencies are certainly the exception.


  100 Day Club

100 Day Club Members must practice and listen in the same day in order to mark a day on their club chart.  Listening includes your specific listening assignment and/or any fine string artist.  This can be done while doing another silent activity.  It’s the Home Coach (parents) job to make sure the Suzuki CD’s are on for your children.  


1.     For each day of PRACTICE AND LISTENING, mark the date on    your club chart.  Practice is a session of any length that 

results in accomplishing one or more goals.

*Exception for advanced students – see note below.

2.    Every day counts as a possible practice & listening day:

Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

3.     Excused days are:

    a.   A sick day

*Exception for advanced students – at least listen when you’re sick!!

    b.   A traveling day during vacation when it’s just too

        Impractical to practice.

4.     Unexcused days are:

    a.    A day at home when there was time for practice,

           but it didn’t happen.

    b.    A day visiting family or friends when time for practice

           could have been fitted in.

5.  The count returns to zero after an unexcused day. 

6.  The count does not increase or return to zero after an

     excused day. 

7.  The reward for 100 days of practice and listening is listed on our   

     new 100 Day prize chart!  Several are missing the ice cream parties, so we’re going to try this new system.  Yes, bigger and better prizes as you advance!  I hope the goal incentives motivate you!  Also, this club never ends….A former student of mine holds the studio record of practicing and tracking 2700 days.  Can you beat him?

*Advanced students: Please allow me to clarify the standard: To qualify for 100 Day Club it is expected that you document quality practice in your practice log book. Each week should be clearly dated. I encourage students to have one “super lite” day during the week.   However, if you are only practicing 20 minutes most days that’s not going to work.…. I might look at you kind of funny…..or worse…. lecture you about quality home practice….or worse….give your prize to your mother for having the world’s most amazing patience with you……or worse…’ll notice you’re regressing and become very  discouraged. 

  2020 Violin Goals

Although 100 Day Club isn’t for everyone, setting goals is! 

Dr. Suzuki shared, ‘the goal of music study is for your child to develop sensitivity, gain discipline and endurance,’… “He gets a beautiful heart.” Suzuki also stated “Where love is deep, much will be accomplished.”  have fun thinking about your violin/viola goals for 2020 and I hope you’ll share them with me soon!