December 31, 2016

Studio Policies

  Vanessa’s Violin Studio 

Program Policies

1. As a parent, you are committing your child to three private lessons and two group events per month.  Some months may have more lessons to balance out summers and holidays.  I do my best to start and end each lesson and group event on time, so please be prompt.

2. Parents should observe the lessons. This assures me that you know
    what is to be practiced at home.

3. Other siblings are welcome but are expected to be non disruptive during the lessons. Child care providers are welcome and recommended so that you are able to participate in the lesson.

4. To give my students every advantage possible, sometimes a combined lesson is needed during private lesson time and sometimes private instruction during a group event is necessary.

5. Remember to check the calendar on our website at I do my best to keep the private lesson days and group opportunities scheduled in advance. I also do my best to alert you if there are any changes. Checking this at the beginning of each month will help keep you informed.

6. Sometimes your student may be among the studio event pictures which could be published on our website. For confidentiality, student names are not included.


1. Group classes are essential for successful performances.  Students who miss a group rehearsal may lose their opportunity to participate in community performances.  If you miss multiple group classes, I’ll be unable to include your child in performances. 

2.Because of the number of students in my program, if you miss a lesson or group event, I’m not able to provide a make-up.

3.If there is an unexpected absence, please contact me anyway so that I know you are okay.

4. Thanks to technology, we can do your regularly scheduled lesson online if you are out of town or experiencing severe weather in your area.

5.Please don’t come to lessons if your child is sick and likely contagious. If they are feeling well enough for a lesson, let’s meet online via FaceTime, Google Chat or Zoom to minimize sharing sickness.

6. If I ever cancel your private lesson, I will provide a makeup lesson.

7. The studio will follow local school policies in terms of weather cancellations. 


Studio Access

  1. A Home Coach course is required for  parents or guardians of new students before  formal lessons begin.  For younger students,  this is generally completed in two to four months.

2. The sidewalk leading to the studio door is on a sloping grade. I do my best to keep the

snow and ice off the driveway and sidewalk, but it can still be slick – especially where the gate opens – so please use caution. If the sidewalk becomes too slick or snowbound for safety, please call me, and I will let you in the front door.

3. Please be sure to close the gate behind you when entering and leaving.  Please let me know if there is ever a problem closing the gate!

4. Please ring the doorbell if I’m not in the studio when you arrive.


1.Tuition covers private lessons, most group events and studio goal incentives. You may be responsible for additional accompaniment outside of group events.

2. Tuition is due at your first scheduled lesson of the month, or by the 10th of the month; whichever comes first.
3. A $20 late fee will be added to payments made after the 10th of the month.